One Ride Robert Royston

ONE RIDE is a powerful music and dance production that tells the story of the rodeo cowboy. Inspired by and told through the music of Chris LeDoux, and the choreography of Robert Royston (Swing! On Broadway, Swango)Chris LeDoux the show explores the passionate, yet humbling and often painful paths a cowboy follows in his quest to become a champion. The story unfolds through Chris LeDoux’s songs performed live by his band Western Underground and accompanied by the movement and energy of a full dance company under the direction of Royston. Photo and video montages on large screens along with dynamic lighting effects—will help create dramatic transitions and pacing to the overall presentation.

Chris LeDoux was the rare professional rodeo cowboy who was able to achieve the ultimate goal of becoming a World Champion Bareback Rider in 1976. Chris was also a successful Grammy nominated country music singer and songwriter who sold over six million albums. Throughout his career as a professional rodeo cowboy, Chris LeDoux collected stories and verse describing the struggles and passion of being a rodeo cowboy and put them to music. He would ride rodeo during the day and perform at local bars at night singing his poignant songs about the cowboy lifestyle. Garth Brooks brought Chris LeDoux to the attention of mainstream country music listeners when he referenced Chris’ music in his song, “Much Too Young (to Be This Damn Old)” and cited him as an inspiration for his own shows. Chris LeDoux died tragically young of cancer in March 2005 leaving a wife and five children. His legacy is one of simple honesty, hard work and the courage to never give up in the pursuit of your dreams. He is the only country music artist who was able to successfully live the life he sang about. To this day, Chris LeDoux represents the epitome of that American icon, the rodeo cowboy.